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The Beauty Brand We’re Crushing On

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If you haven’t heard about Island Kiss yet, your lips have been missing oodles of fun, organic freshness and natural indulgence! This lip balm brand has all the raw wholesomeness of nature, focusing on organic, and cold-pressed products without any “nasties!”.

We decided to speak to Shaili Tawadey, founder of Island Kiss and ask her everything there is to know about this lip-smacking brand and how slow beauty is the way forward!

Tell us more about the brand, how it was conceived, and your philosophy.

At Island Kiss, we believe that what you put on your lips is as important to your well-being as what you eat. That’s why we make all our natural lip care products in small batches, using 100% natural, organic, high-quality ingredients. We’re also 100% vegan! We believe in customer transparency and so we have a blacklist on our website that lets customers know all of the ingredients that carry a potential risk and the ones we’ve stripped away.  While we take the cause seriously, we also like to have fun with our products and want you to do the same.


What is the story behind the tropical inspiration and organic nature of the brand?

I love the tropical islands and keep going back to them. What would the tropics be without fruits and natural herbs? And then there’s nothing more essential than lip care. Every woman needs a good lipstick and good lip care! That’s how Island Kiss was born — when winning island ingredients kissed good lip care. Our products reflect sun-drenched shores and allow women to become their own kind of beautiful. That’s what tropics are all about — slow beauty and coming into your own. 

You’re the first Indian brand to do an organic, natural lip line. Are you likely to roll out product variants made with Indian herbs, flowers and fruits too?

Our current collection has a deeply intoxicating and a highly enriching base of Indian Kokum butter and Mango butter that are best found in the tropics of the Indian sub-continent.

Share some tips for lip care for all seasons. 

It just takes three steps for a girl to be ‘kiss ready’!

  1. Soften: If you don’t drink enough water, it’s affecting your lips. No matter how much lip moisturizer you have on it’s not going to help the problem at the root. Drink water. Period.
  2. Soothe: All it takes is a little SPF protection, a little oiling and a little exfoliation. Just mix a little carrot seed oil that has anything between 8-15 SPF protection along with sugar and you will be able to soothe your lips. But if you want the real deal, get Island Kissed.
  3. Nourish: Now how about adorning your lips with some natural fruit stain that not only eradicates pigmentation but also adds the ever so perfect boost of red to your pretty lips?

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What must a girl pack for a tropical beach vacation?

A beach vacation is always exciting! And there a few God-sent essentials I’d never be found without. A good SPF that gives me the right afterglow on a bake day! I need a hat, a big hat, so that I can hide my face with it! Girls also ought to pack at least 6 different bikinis. You see, the type of bikini you wear, is ultimately the type of man you will attract!