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Beach Weddings: Beauty tips by make-up artist Ambreen

Diwali may have just wrapped up, but the festivities are far from over. As we dive into the wedding season, the need is to not only prep one’s wardrobe but also their beauty kit. Different kinds of wedding destinations call for make-up to complement the weather conditions. Considering how popular beach weddings are this time of the year, we turned to our go-to make-up artist Ambreen to give us a lowdown on what to pack and what to avoid.

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Choose the right foundation colour: Sticking to the same colour foundation while at a beach destination is a big no. You must remember your colour will change while you’re out in the sun, so you must take along a darker shade, so that your face matches your tan. Also take foundation that suits the climate you’re headed to.

Don’t avoid SPF: A common mistake when wearing foundation is thinking you don’t need to use SPF! Although some foundations have SPF, it’s generally low. So ensure you are wearing the correct SPF factor under your foundation so that those long beach pheras or poolside mehndis don’t burn your skin.

Hydrate: We all forget how extremely important it is ti keep your skin hydrated whilst flying. Keep a good moisturiser like M.A.C’s Complete Comfort Cream and the M.A.C Hydrating Mist to use after take-off and before landing. Our lips can also get dry so top up with lip conditioner to keep them smooth and moist.

Use that mascara right: Always use a waterproof mascara while in the heat and travelling. Mascara tends to run in the heat, so ensuring its waterproof saves you the hassle. M.A.C’s in-extreme dimension 3D in waterproof is great for jet black lashes with volume and length!

Protect your lips: Use a lip SPF under your lipstick so that your lips are protected. You can also find lip balms which have SPF along with colour.

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