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Bridal Hair Regime by Lekha Shah

It is a well-established fact that hair can make or break a look. You may have the perfect designer lehenga, but your hairdo will elevate the look a notch further. So we roped in hair and make up expert Lekha Shah, who recently dressed up blogger bride Masoom Minawala, to share a 6-month regime for all brides-to-be out there!

Lekha Shah

Lekha Shah

6 months to go

It’s time to prep your hair for all the styling it will go through. Start with cleansing the scalp with a hair spa (get rid of any flakiness or product build up). If your hair lacks strength and elasticity restore it with an Olaplex repairing ritual.


If length and volume is what you need, go in for a classic haircut. Get rid of your split ends and start afresh. Ask your stylist to shape it keeping in mind the way it will look after a few months.

5 months to go

Let your hairdresser check your scalp and hair again. Go in for your monthly ritual to cleanse the scalp and gloss your hair. Start using a good leave-in conditioner and shampoo that is specific to your hair type. Your daily maintenance is by far the most important, since these are products working on your scalp and hair every single day.

4 months to go

Start planning your hairstyles with your wedding hairstylist according to your events and outfits. Start choosing your hair accessories.

Now’s the time to start growing out you fringe if you have one. A reasonably long crown will give your stylist the luxury of playing with looks. Don’t forget that monthly scalp and hair ritual!

3 months to go 

Perfect time to consult your hairdresser for your wedding hair colour. If your hair is naturally dark, soften it with a global colour. Choose a colour that brightens your skin tone and works for a head of highlights or balayage.

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For those who have never seen themselves in hair colour, now is a good time to do it so that you are totally comfortable with your look and have enough time for any changes if needed.

Keep your wedding hairstylist in the loop about your colour so they can organize the necessary hair extensions with the same colour.

2 months to go 

This is when you freeze on all your wedding hairstyles. If you’re going in for messy and textured hairdos you will need to reshape your hair accordingly. This is also the time to get your last cut before D-Day!

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1 month to go 

Time to touch up your roots that have grown out from your global colour. By now you should be used to the colour. You can add a final touch by way of highlights or a balayage! Your wedding’s one month away and you want to leave no stone unturned in looking your glamorous best. If you are big on colour, throw in the blondes, finely woven though, so that your hair looking stripy.

If you want your hair colour looking softer, go in for a softer highlight tone that will give your existing global a 3D effect. Ditch the mahogany and copper tones.

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What was your go-to hair ritual before you tied the knot?