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Make-up artist Ambreen busts bridal beauty myths

Bridal beauty is riddled with do’s and don’ts. At the same time, it is also plagued by commonly believed misconceptions. Truth be told, there are no rules when it comes to your wedding day look—confidence is key, and the millennial bride simply needs to focus on flaunting her personality on her big day.

Our go-to make-up artist Ambreen, who also recently collaborated with M.A.C Cosmetics to launch a collection, has come across her fair share of brides bogged down by such archaic myths. She busts five of them in an A+CO exclusive interview.


Myth: More is more

Reality: I’ve recently noticed that brides feel they must wear a ton of make-up so it looks good in pictures. But they end up looking unrecognisable in the process. You will be adorned with jewels and a heavy bridal outfit in any case. So keep your make-up simple. It’s great to follow trends but you can never go wrong with a classic make-up look with a modern approach. Wear enough to look like a bride, but not too much that your groom is overwhelmed by how different you look.

Myth: Facials before the wedding will give you spots

Reality: Wrong! Ensure you have maintained your skin with a balanced skin regime that works for you. Opting for a few facials during the run-up to your wedding will keep your skin healthy and smooth, ultimately enhancing your look for the big day.

Myth:  Using turmeric before the big day does promises a glow

Reality: In fact, I’ve seen that applying too much haldi for a long durations gives the bride’s skin a yellowish tinge. This in turn, is not in tune with your natural skin tone. Keep turmeric application to a minimum—enough to achieve a glow but not too much so that you’re yellow the next day!

Myth: Your make-up colours must match your outfit

Reality: This is absolutely not true! Your make-up should complement the outfit and suit your skin tone. Don’t feel compelled to smear your eyelids with blue eye shadow just because that’s the colour of your lehenga.

Myth: Fair is lovely

Reality: I couldn’t disagree more. You must wear a base/foundation in the correct tone on your wedding day. The last thing you want is to look pale on the face and a different colour on the rest of your body. Confidently owning your skin colour will make for better pictures too.


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