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DIY Boho Bridesmaid Hair by Aamir Naveed


image 2


Look 2 Modern, festival style top knot. ideal for nights out, cool younger events or even trendy day time wedding function.
Demo 2
  1. Start with a small section at the front of the head.
  2. Create a braid working your way backwards, keeping the braid in the centre of the head, until you get to the crown area.
  3. loosen the braid to make it look thicker and fuller
  4. Braid small sections in a backwards direction on either side of the centre braid.
  5. Tease the ends of the centre braid with a comb.
  6. Wrap the end into a top knot and secure into place.
  7. Wrap the ends from the side braids around the top knot and secure into place.
  8. Using a large barrel tong wave the sections of hair left out.


image 4A

Look 4 Boho soft braid, Ideal for sangeets or day time events.
Demo 4
  1. Section of an ear to ear section and a crown section.
  2. Loosely braid the bottom section and tie with a band.
  3. Loosen the braid further by teasing with your fingers creating a messy finish.
  4. Twist back 1 inch section from the crown, whilst teasing with your fingers.
  5. Secure each section into the braid.
  6. twist back sections from the front incorporating into the braid at the back.
  7. Tidy up an overall messy areas and spray into place.