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Traditions to Sustainability: Indian Fashion’s Green Journey

Suket Dhir

Fashion is always known to recognise its power to make meaningful changes in the world. Whether it was revolutionising pantsuits for women or opening horizons for designing talents across the globe, forces of fashion are known to do something impactful for the future. As the question of environmental challenges polarised the unwavering success of the fashion industry, Indian designers harnessed its standards and ethos to cater to the needs of the planet and people.

The diverse community of Indian designers has responded to environmental challenges through innovation. Handloom is at the heart of Indian design and continues to be so. Borrowing expertise from age-honed craftsmen, and being mindful of fashion’s circular and economical impact, Indian designers and tastemakers are veering consumers to mindful shopping. 

Weaving a Greener Future

Aashni + Co curates collections produced within indigenous communities that showcase artisanal skills and techniques in creations. While MimAmsaa by Ankita Singh brings forward the creativity and sincerity of handwoven textiles in its collection of timeless saris, Ahmev’s vision and commitment are focused on an ethical approach that considers the people and the planet. Pledging to use eco-friendly elements at every step in the working process, providing fair wages and preservation of depleting resources, the brand meets consumers’ demand for stylish trans-seasonal clothing rendered in earth-friendly textiles. 

Mimamsaa by Ankita Singh


Reviving Heritage

Suket Dhir’s collections are as mindfully pragmatic as they are aesthetic. Reinventing artisanal elements that are fading into history like intricate jali stitches, ikat patterns and handwoven textiles. Rias Jaipur is another label driven to not just advance sustainability as an antithesis to fast fashion but also to support the prolific art of Indian culture. The label’s casual dresses, overlays, and jumpsuits are rendered in ancient crafts of Dabu and Bagru hand block printing on a handloom. 

Suket Dhir

Rias Jaipur

Revisiting Art & Timeless Silhouettes

Kanelle believes in creating a more thoughtful way of being. Its lineup of craft-friendly co-ords, dresses and overlays exhibit ancient weaves, prints, dyes and embroidery, offering an urban language to culture. On the other hand, Mulmul champions the humble hero of every Indian women’s wardrobe- the kurta ensemble. As the ensemble remains timeless in its relevance even after decades, Mulmul offers long-lasting yet easy-to-wear Indian wear illustrating rich classic embroideries, ready to take the forever spot in your wardrobe. 



Re-discovering Pre-Loved and Archival Gems

Fashion enthusiasts can now take the favourite ensembles in their wardrobe from pre-love to relove with Revivify, a reselling platform that champions circularity. It follows the route of reinvention to bring fashion enthusiasts to reduce waste and pass on the pieces that can be revived by a new wearer. By taking the reselling route, you help reduce environmental impact and save resources that would be otherwise used to fulfil the demand of the consumers, i.e., water and CO2 emissions in the making phase of new clothing. 

Pre-Loved Anamika Khanna at Revivfy.com

Through innovative approaches and commitment to circularity, Indian designers are redefining the fashion landscape, one piece of clothing at a time.