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How to shop consciously 101

On the fashion front, research and statistics clearly reveal that every stylish step has a corresponding socio-economic impact. Fashion is not only one of the biggest stakeholders in the world economy but also its third most polluting industry. 

Being mindful of our choices and lifestyle is the need of the hour and conscious fashion brands are leading the way. Slow fashion also thrives on fair wage practices and accountability towards the environment. The responsibility of championing mindful fashion doesn’t lie solely with brands but also the shoppers who believe in better. Here are simple ways for fashion enthusiasts to do their bit by thinking before buying.

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  • Take a break from trends that are just one season wonders. Treasure classic pieces and invest in a timeless wardrobe.
  • Evaluate your purchases to know if it ticks at least two boxes-longevity and versatility. When you wear something for an extra nine months, you could reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by around 20-30%.
  • Instead of whittling down your purchases, streamline your wardrobe and repurpose the pieces that haven’t made an outing yet. 

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  • Every time you’re about to replace any piece with another new one, think about how you could upcycle and give it a refreshing spin. Alternatively, turn to your neighbourhood tailor to make it into a fresh piece or pass it down to a cousin!
  • Carrying your own tote for a shopping stroll is the new cool. All it takes is one functional accessory to make those purchases count.
  • To shop local is to be logical about the economy of your homeland. When you support a homegrown fashion talent, you are co-fostering the local craft and community involved in its production.
  • As a matter of fact, Tencel fibre takes only half an acre of land to grow compared to cotton. Organic fabrics like linen, chanderi and others are not only packed with nature’s goodness but transcend seasons too. 

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  • Know your favourite brand’s conscious credentials. Many have dedicated plans that work around recycling, waste management and fabric alternatives that are better for the planet. Supporting brands that support the planet will further your agenda too. 
  • Choose to spend a little more on quality instead of quantity. Put together a capsule wardrobe the next time you’re in the mood for a makeover. 
  • Consider both- people and the planet to approach sustainable fashion in the right way. Slow down, shop smart and buy better to embrace fashion that looks great, feels good and does better.

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