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In Conversation with Ankur & Priyanka Modi


Husband-wife duo Ankur and Priyanka Modi’s namesake label AMPM has always championed timeless elegance, with an aesthetic that was never defined (or bogged down) by seasons. Their latest  Autumn Winter ’20 collection Zāhia too, available to shop on Aashni + Co here, is a dreamy retelling of a day in Morocco. 122057702_10158842991929828_8624388696285748566_o

Home to ’60s fashion icon Talitha Getty, Palais de la Zāhia had always been a recurring source of inspiration for the duo. So they married their quintessential style with architectural elements, vibrant colours and design details in a flight of fancy. But with festivities having taken a new turn in 2020, they also crafted the collection keeping in mind the intimate nature of gatherings and a new dawn for luxury.

Here, the duo talks to Aashni + Co about their enduring aesthetic and the importance of ‘less is more’.  122388981_10158851425669828_8838201718008713617_o

Your brand is instantly associated with wardrobe classics. What makes it so?

An innate sense of style and balance. At AMPM, we believe in clothes that are a culmination of an artistic vision, craft and most importantly, time. It is for the most discerning woman of today — a true representation of a ‘modern Indian’ aesthetic.123907890_10158879484574828_724409500433253250_o

The sartorial mood today is very ‘less is more’ by way of investing in smart staples. Do you agree?

Absolutely. Our design ethos too is built around this principle of value. Every garment carries with itself the essence of craftsmanship and timelessness. These pieces are emblematic of purposeful design and are crafted to give a lifetime of joy.


How can one build a season-less traditional wear wardrobe? 

Opting for versatile separates that can be styled with wardrobe classics is a great way to approach trans-seasonal dressing. We also think repeating pieces reflects a great sense of style, as well as conscientiousness. Accessorising adds a layer of individual expression to the look, lending it an entirely different perspective. Our advice would be to simply choose well: To invest in timeless pieces that are an extension of one’s own voice.


So, does that mean trends are now obsolete?

We have never quite appreciated the notion of trends. At AMPM, we are constantly honing our design language and focusing on creating long lasting pieces. Clothes are not merely purchases, but a choice that reflects our inner self. It stands for take on culture and the impact we have on the ecosystem too.

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