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In Conversation with the founders of Jade


Mumbai label Jade by Monica Shah and Karishma Swali is all about a contemporary retelling of traditional stories through handcrafted designs that spotlight time-honoured local techniques. The couture brand is a go-to for millennial aesthetes owing to their heirloom-worthy designs—equal parts classic and relevant. What makes it even more appealing is the focus on versatility. Each look can be broken down to re-style in multiple ways.

Aashni + Co speaks to the designers about their latest collection, wardrobe staples and more. JMKLFWAW2007(b)

Tell us about your latest collection. 

Our latest collection ‘Joyful Reunions’ is inspired by the joy and love that the bride experiences when she’s reunited with her loved ones. This is an especially significant collection after the year that 2020 was. Celebrations have taken a whole new meaning and importance now. So we have ensured that we facilitate mindful festivities with this launch too.

What makes a Jade outfit wardrobe classics, season after season?

We would describe our pieces as something that bridge the gap between traditional opulence and modern flair. Heritage Indian crafts are at the heart of every creation, yet they’re designed in a way that appeals to the modern woman’s sensibility. Our pieces are guided by a philosophy—we focus on how we want women to feel in them, rather than what’s trending. That’s the key to creating classics. We’ve also always been in favour of choosing versatile pieces, something that you can craft a variety of looks from.254A8538

What are must-haves in a trans-seasonal festive wardrobe? 

An Ek Taar or Kasab jacket from our collections is definitely a staple! It transitions effortlessly not just from season to season, but also from day-to-night. The fabric is breathable, and the silhouette is such that you can experiment endlessly with it. Other must-haves are an organza wrap blouse, Ek Taar skirts and handcrafted silver macrame overlays!254A8558

With the current focus on season-less styles, are trends totally out?

When it comes to bridal and occasion wear, we do recommend choosing something that is authentic to who you are, and something that makes you feel at ease and empowered rather than what’s trending.254A8767

Any advice for those building a long-lasting Indian wardrobe today?

Choose pieces that are versatile and easy to experiment with. Shop mindfully, rather than jumping on the trend bandwagon. When you choose clothing based on your own personal tastes and personality, your own story, you’ll automatically pick things will last you a long time.

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