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The Gourmand’s Guide to Notting Hill

If you love London, you know there is no missing Notting Hill. One of London’s quaintest neighbourhoods, Notting Hill is a melting pot of all things eclectic and cool! From its spirited annual street festival to its vibrant markets, Avante Garde theatres and quirky museums, Notting Hill are tailor-made for the cultivated connoisseur. No wonder, we couldn’t think of a better place for our flagship store too! Amidst all that consumption, who’s to forget a good brunch, you say? We sampled them during our lunch hour and serve you the best of Notting Hill’s cosmopolitan fare.

E & O

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The E&O is Notting Hill’s Asian fusion restaurant cum bar par excellence. Packed all days of the week, this is an ideal place to drop by for cocktails at the bar or the restaurant that is set away from the busier bar, but maintains its electrifying vibe.

A+Co recommends: Corn on the cob with kimchi chilli mayo, the black cod sweet miso, and Japanese tuna tartare served in a bowl of ice.

Electric Diner

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For those beckoned by a true-blue American dinner in the heart of Britain, the Electric Diner is just the place for a relaxed, family outing. The casualness of the restaurant’s interiors lend itself to the cause with its unfinished brick and concrete walls, low lighting and open kitchen. A bit of the wild west’s classic menu tops off a perfect evening here.

A+Co recommends: The signature cheeseburger, fried bologna sandwich, honey fried chicken, and salmon and broccoli salad.

The Rum Kitchen

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The Rum Kitchen offers a sun-soaked spot in Notting Hill—ideal to get beach lazy and unwind from eventful meanderings. Offering Caribbean food unlike ‘the regular jerk shack’, The Rum Kitchen offers colourful interiors, a bar, a basement for parties, and not to mention rum.

A+Co recommends: Salt Fish Fritters and the ‘Grog’ signature rum.

The Ledbury

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For those seeking more gastronomy, The Ledbury offers fine dining with well-presented food in an informal ambience of warm but non-intrusive service. Fine dining sans stuffiness, this is the haul to visit.

A+Co recommends: Cauliflower with lobster, bantam egg, mackerel with pickled cucumber, brown sugar tart.

Kitchen and Pantry

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Kitchen and Pantry offers a homely space to take your coffee in, accompanied by a book. It is best known for sumptuous breakfasts and plenty of fresh juices.

A+Co recommends: Pancakes, orange and ginger juice.

Granger & Co

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This Australian restaurant in Notting Hill serves the best range of breakfast staples not found anywhere else in the UK, that to a discerning crowd including the likes of celebrities such as David Beckham. Minimalist decor and fine service to boot.

A+Co recommends: Signature scrambled eggs, sweetcorn, spinach, tomato fritters, hotcakes and a cup of piping hot chocolate.

202 Cafe

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An elegant cafe situated above the Nicole Farhi clothing store, 202’s vintage interiors add just the right dash of aesthetics and ambience for breakfast while flipping through fashion magazines.

A+Co recommends: Egg benedict and healthy porridge.