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Quick 5 with Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra creates more than just garments; he creates dreams. As one of the most sought-after couturiers in the country, his equal parts glamorous and on-point ensembles are high on the must-have lists of celebrities, brides and fashionistas alike. We caught him in a quick chat when he dropped in for a visit at our Notting Hill store.

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What is the millennial bride seeking when it comes to Indian wear?

Mind-sets are changing and brides today know what they do and do not want. Millennial brides are not pretentious, which is what I love about them. The youth of today is so aware about their likes and dislikes, and are sure of what they want to wear for every occasion. They are experimental and don’t mind mixing antique with bling.

If you had to place all bets on one Indian silhouette this season, which one would it be and why?

Mixing our culture, weaves and embroideries with modernity is the latest trend. It’s all about blending the traditional with the modern, keeping global trends in mind. Lehenga skirts paired with crop tops, and gowns from my latest collections epitomise this.


The ‘pastels for summers and deeper tones for winters’ theory seems to be passé. Do you agree? How can one play with trans-seasonal colours?
I see a lot of colour blends for summer and very innovative and experimental colours for the winter. Burgundy, browns, and deep blues are a big success and so is gold with salmon pink or dark emerald green. One should opt for a mix of colours.

 The cape has emerged as the hero piece. Is it for everyone?

Capes are interesting and au courant. They add a modern touch to the outfit. Opt for one with embroideries so that it adds cultural relevance to your look.


As Indian wear becomes increasingly contemporary, what relevance do traditional, classic silhouettes hold?
With changing fashion trends, it is important to be Indian in design but also have an international appeal. It is all about global fashion these days. Contemporary outfits with an Indian essence are the key.