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Bridal looks that embrace contemporary influences

Alia Bhatt in Manish Malhotra

The wedding renaissance has been influenced by elite weddings and the hiatus from grand celebrations in the past years. It is the right opportunity to say yes to experimental looks as new heritage has its part to play but contemporary elements are gaining new importance in the Indian bridal segment with established designers like Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, Tarun Tahiliani and others mixing convention with contemporary inventions. As millennial and Gen Z brides prepare to get married in the upcoming years, the collections are in line with the sartorially enlightened generation who prefer adding a personal touch to their bridal wear.

The modern brides-to-be are not shying away from the never-seen-before looks and becoming a trendsetter by choosing exquisite couture creations. As the time draws close for the weddings of the autumn/winter season, Aashni + Co scours down the looks that are in trend and in touch with renewed style sensibilities.

Corset Blouses 

Manish Malhotra

Mermaid Lehengas 

A perfect fusion of tradition and modernity, the corset blouse and lehenga ensemble has taken the bridal fashion scene by storm. The structured blouse exudes elegance and allure that accentuates the bodice while complementing the voluminous skirt. Manish Malhotra’s wedding lineup boasts that heritage meets contemporary allure—a testament to the evolving landscape of bridal wear.

Alana Pandey in Papa Don’t Preach

Mermaid silhouettes have been recognised as the epitome of sensuality and grace. Fitted at the waist and cascading into a dramatic flare at the hem, the silhouette promises to deliver a red carpet-moment. Dolly J took over the India Couture Week runway with sequin-speckled mermaid skirts and bustiers that can easily slot into after-dark wedding affairs like the cocktail and reception. Alana Pandey’s choice of butterfly blouse and mermaid lehenga ensemble from Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika had an air of enchantment that won hearts.

Brides inclined towards the idea of walking down the aisle like a showstopper can leave a lasting impression

Contemporary Wedding Gowns

Cedar & Pine

Ready for the spotlight, a one-and-done gown is perfect for that enchanting entry at the gala. Gowns celebrate the beauty of simplicity, offering a sleek, modern look. With minimal embellishments and a soft colour palette, Cedar and Pine’s focus remains on the bride herself, allowing her to shine on her special day and symbolizing the marriage of tradition and contemporary style.

Deconstructed Sarees

Amit Aggarwal

As the traditional six-yard has the favourite spot in every trousseau, concept sarees have been a revolutionary twist to the timeless attire. With artful drapes, layers, embellished bodice and hybrid silhouettes like the sari gown, this newly imagined bridal ensemble can be deemed as a canvas for creativity. Amit Aggarwal’s deconstructed sarees appeal to brides who seek to redefine tradition and stand out on their wedding day.

Long Sheer Veils


Replacing the heavily embroidered second dupattas, long and light veils are being championed by wedding couturiers and brides to add a touch of ethereal beauty to the bridal look. Sabyasachi’s new collection of wispy saris and lehengas is paired with a diaphanous veil that cascades gracefully, creating a sense of mystique and romance. If you’re inspired by timeless elegance and a desire to make a dreamy, unforgettable entrance on the wedding day, say yes to a veil with a long trail.