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10 reasons you dont want to miss the A+CO Wedding Show 2017

The countdown has begun, with the much-awaited Aashni + Co Wedding show scheduled for 8 January 2017. Let us just say this: your calendars are officially in for a mighty celebration of all things pretty and beautiful on the day. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet (and even if you have), we’re about to tell you why you just have to be there. After all, there really isn’t anything like an overdose of fun, is there?

Sabyasachi at Aashni + Co

One-of-a-kind: The A + Co Wedding Show brings 18 of India’s most delectable designers under a single roof in our very own UK. Brides of the diaspora craving a bite of all things fine in the Indian fashion world, here’s a chance to savor!

Sartorial attendance: Browse through curated works and interact with the designers themselves in a luxurious setup minus the chaos and jostling crowd typically associated with exhibitions. It’s time to get all the advice you can for your trousseau, find your dream outfit and be pampered!

Throwback to A+CO Wedding Show 2016

Throwback to A+CO Wedding Show 2016

Brides unite: Treat this like a soiree where you meet new friends! Connect with other brides-to-be, exchange notes and indulge your senses.

Private premiere: Some of the biggest Indian names in Indian fashion including Sabyasachi, Anushree Reddy, Monisha Jaising, Anamika Khanna, Gaurang, Tarun Tahiliani, Jade by Monica & Karishma and Gaurav Gupta among others have curated exclusive collections especially for the show and several of them will be in attendance themselves. So whether there’s a weddings galore on your calendar or not, you’d want to witness this gathering of fashion intelligentsia irrespective.


A slice of home: For many South Asian brides, wedding shopping signals a homecoming — a return to India’s shopping markets, tailors and speciality stores. The wedding show eliminates that need. Come over and make yourself at home at the wedding show, with the familiarity and fun of an Indian bridal shopping experience at Indian prices.


No more jet lag: By bringing the best designers under one roof in the heart of London, we save you those puffy eyes from jet lag and travel to India.

Treasure hunt: Shopping at a bridal mall in India with family has its own pleasures but can also become stressful as you vie to schedule appointments, fittings and try on dresses. The wedding show is fun because every bride-to-be is in the same wedding spirit, turning the show into a delightful party sans the competition for space.


Fan moments: Last season, our shoppers took a break with the designers by taking dozens of selfies! If you missed out then, here’s your chance to make all your Instagram followers jealous.

Hot cakes: The collections literally fly off the racks, so the early bird gets the worm. Anushree Reddy’s collection sold out in three hours flat last year. We promise a similar thrilling, heart-pounding experience this year too!

Extended holidays: With holiday season upon us, we’re all thinking of New Year’s Eve. But what if you had a chance to extend the festivities to the 8th of January? At Aashni + Co, we’re making this and other dreams come true for brides and their lovely families!

Know all about the A + Co Wedding Show here and buy your tickets here. See you on the other side!

Photos by Adnan Qazi and Elegant & Wild from the Aashni + Co Wedding Show 2016