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10 Prints and Patterns That Will Stand the Test of Time


In the fashion industry, prints have remained popular and trending over the years due to their versatility. Adding a print to any outfit can add a unique touch, and they come in a variety of styles, colours, and patterns to anticipate a plethora of prints making an impression on the fashion world. You can explore our website Aashni + Co for a variety of print options available. And now, let’s dive into our collection of curated luxury designer outfits to help you find the perfect attire for your upcoming event:

1. Chevron Never Go Out of Style:  

Chevron prints are a timeless and most loved way to add interest to any outfit. We see a lot of bold colour combinations, oversized, as well as more subtle, tonal versions. Designers such as Seeaash, Cedar & Pine, and Ka-Sha skilfully showcase the enchanting charm of this print through their exquisite lehengas, kurta sets, and other stunning silhouettes.

2. The Classic Bandhani:

Bandhani is an age-old traditional tie-and-dye technique from the Indian states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It involves tying a small section of fabric with thread and subsequently dying the fabric to create a distinctive pattern. Bandhani prints are famous for their vivid hues and elaborate designs. Discover modern and timeless silhouettes in saris, lehengas, dupattas, anarkalis, and more from designers such as Punit Balana, Pink City by Sarika, and Nikaska.

3. Pretty Paisley: 

The paisley print, featuring a unique teardrop-shaped motif with a curved upper end and a spiral base, originated in Persia and was later adopted by Indian textile designers. It remains a popular choice today, on various fabrics like cotton, velvet, silk and georgette, which are often used to create stylish cape sets, kaftans, and co-ords by designers such as Mrunalini Rao, Pomcha Jaipur, and Aneesh Agarwaal.

4. Floral Print Paradise:

Floral prints are a timeless favourite and a paradise of a perfect choice for adding a touch of femininity to any outfit. In 2023, we will see an abundance of oversized botanical prints, as well as smaller, more delicate floral prints. Luxury designers such as Awigna, Ridhi Mehra, Torani and Aayushi Maniar created a range from maxi dresses to blouses and skirts using these floral prints.

5. Painterly Abstracts: 

Abstract prints are a contemporary way to enhance the appeal of any attire. These prints feature bold graphic designs and subtle tonal versions, creating an innovative mix of prints and silhouette like co-ords, kurta sets and kaftans. Designers like AK-OK, Saaksha & Kinni, and Baise Gaba offer visually appealing options for fashion-forward individuals.

6. Prints in Tie-Dye Technique: 

The tie-dye print has made a comeback in recent years and continues to gain popularity. It features in various forms, including vibrant, ombre in multi-hues and psychedelic tie-dye designs, as well as more subdued, tonal versions. Luxury fashion brands such as Premya By Manishii, Scarlet Sage, Bohame, and Punit Balana incorporate this print into a variety of silhouettes, ranging from dresses and skirts to shararas and anarkalis.

7. Timeless Stripes: 

Stripes are another classic print that is always in style. This year we will see a lot of bold, graphic stripes, as well as more subtle, tonal stripes. SVA By Sonam & Paras Modi, Myoho, Torani and Saaksha & Kinni are some curated designers showcasing these prints on saris, co-ords, dresses and more.

8. Metallic Print Paradise:

Experience glamour, style and be in luxury with metallic printed outfits featuring bold, shiny foil prints, as well as small motifs and jaal patterns. Masaba, Tarun Tahiliani, and Khara Kapas merge an element of boldness with elegance with these prints in contemporary fusion wear, sharara sets, saris and more.

9. Traditional Block prints: 

Block printing is an age-old print-making technique in India for creating prints on fabric. It involves using carved wooden blocks to create delicate floral motifs, bold geometric patterns, paisley and animal pattern and more. This age-old technique is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of India and has been popularized by both local artisans and designers such as Punit Balana, Charkhee, and Kapraaha. The prints are available in a wide range of colours and can be found in traditional attire like saris, anarkali sets, lehenga sets, and more, making them timeless pieces that can be worn for any occasion.

10. New Take on Mismatched Prints:

The trend of bold and playful mismatched prints is a melange of different prints used together in the same outfit, creating a feminine yet alluring look. Torani, Saundh and Drishti Zahabia have elegantly combined classic print with bold prints into their collection of lehenga sets, co-ords, and angrakha sets, creating an appealing look.

Fashion prints are an important aspect of the industry and are constantly evolving. In 2023, there is a vast variety of prints to choose from, ranging from traditional bandhani to contemporary digital prints. Whether you prefer bold, graphic designs or softer, more muted versions, there is undoubtedly a print that complements your personal style. Visit Aashni + Co to discover the perfect print that matches your taste.