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Heal The World: Inspiring Stories Part I

“Heal the world, make it a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race.”Opner-Feed


“When this lockdown was first announced, our foremost worry was a drop in sales since luxury is a non-essential indulgence. But it has allowed us to go back to our roots i.e. our karigars from Awadh. Their livelihood is our biggest priority, and we are ensuring they have continuous work to do from home. This community includes several women who are now the bread earners of their families. We truly believe that  our people make our label.

This will also ultimately keep the heritage of chikankari and mukaish hand embroidery alive. As the world looks inwards, there’s no better time than now to treasure and preserve our heritage. We have always focused on sustainability, and it is imperative that we create long-lasting heirloom pieces that last a lifetime, and can be passed down to future generations.

It is our ongoing collective endeavour to grow the awareness for our craft forms and foster an appreciation for all that is beautiful in timeless Indian heritage. I am so glad that this lockdown has given me time to reflect and to continue to look after my people.

As long as we are together in our efforts and beliefs, we will emerge stronger, kinder and mindful at the end of this pandemic.”

ASTHA NARANGFeed-Astha-Narang-1

“Covid-19 has shook the entire world and put everything on a standstill. It has affected the poor to an unimaginable level and has paused the entire world.

It has made me realise that we need to take steps (personally and professionally) for a safer world. My brand will now focus more on recycling and upcycling. We are changing our packaging to be more sustainable, and doing away with plastic for local deliveries. For international deliveries, we will only use minimal recycled plastic to avoid damage to the garments. We will use leftover fabrics to make garment covers, as well as use them in our collections in the most suitable ways. Our aim is to now be a minimum waste brand.

Lastly, it has made me realise that my company thrives because of my team. Their health is my priority.”


“We have witnessed many disasters in the recent past — forest fires in the Amazon and in Australia, wildlife extinction, melting ice caps and now the Covid-19 pandemic. So, here we are — uncertain and anxious at home. A much-needed pause for us to go back and think about all the things we have taken for granted. I am thinking about how I have been doing things and how I should be doing them differently. I am grateful for everything I have had and I treasure every moment.

I am hoping for a more thoughtful, conscious and stronger world on the other side. And this means being sustainable as a business and also individually. Sustainability does not mean only using organic handlooms or eco-friendly raw material, it’s also about cutting down wastage. Let’s make it a way of life and not just limit it to clothes. Let us be more mindful to protect our planet. And let’s do it together.”

NIHARIKA SHEKHAWATFeed-Niharika-Shekhawat-2

“These uncertain times are allowing the planet to reboot and heal. Let’s pledge ourselves to a more sustainable way of life. Simple acts go a long way — don’t let your taps run too long, avoid using bath tubs, time your heaters and save paper. We are what we eat — so eat local and healthy. You can even grow your own garnishes in your garden or balcony. Let’s take responsibility for the planet we live in!”


“We have pledged our resources to the welfare and safety of those around us, and have dedicated our facility for the production of masks for our municipal officers, police forces and front liners in the war against Covid-19. We are also making a contribution to a group of Covid Warriors who are arranging meals for daily wage earners. We express our immense gratitude towards the medical community working selflessly to keep us safe in the face of this calamity.”

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