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In Conversation with Tarun Tahiliani

23621733_1705918686139241_5266306972151601054_nThere is no denying that designer Tarun Tahiliani is one of the key frontrunners in shaping the Indian couture and fashion industry. Over the years, he has championed the art of preserving tradition in a manner that speaks to the modern muse of today. Favoured by individualistic brides and celebrities alike; Tahiliani’s creations are steeped in heritage but without compromising on a global outlook.22549878_1588796487846886_2370982122156387113_nThe designer will be in London as a part of Aashni + Co Wedding Show on January 21, 2018 for the second time, after the resounding success of his debut stint at the event. “Every bride’s trousseau should include a wonderful selection of saris and few very heavy and ornate pieces according to your individual taste, for your very special functions. Brides should wear whatever they are comfortable in and also select pieces that reflect their personal style and not follow trends blindly. There is no signature style in bridal wear. The same look might suit one person because of their personality and complexion and look totally awful on another. Stunning, weightless clothes that embody all of the above is what you can expect from our collection at the wedding show.”

Tarun Tahiliani decodes the sartorial disposition of the Indian bride ahead of his London stint with A+CO.

How would you describe the modern Indian bride?

The bride of today is looking for comfort, for perfect fit and a new lightness in which she can move, dance and enjoy herself at her wedding.23621613_1705918656139244_2228053148184984038_nThe modern bride is super cool, glam and embodies an eastern mystique with a western free spirit. She’s educated, emancipated and the master of her own destiny. She makes her decisions herself. She is going to dance all night. She’s confident enough that she is not going to wear daddy’s bank balance on her. Taste over blind tradition and comfort over conformity along with independence and elegance are key. Confidence over costume, quality over quantity and a lightness that makes her soul sing on one of the most monumental days of her life. She is indeed the new voice of tradition.

How have you seen her evolve over the years?

The new generation brides are more open to experimentation with cuts and colours on their D-day.  They want to be traditional on the wedding day more so because they can be experimental for functions like the cocktail, sangeet and reception.  For their wedding day particularly, a lot of brides now want to wear red, ivory or gold.  This seems to be the classic bridal outfit, unless of course, it is a wedding on a beach or it’s at a particular destination, which then will impact their choice of what to wear or how heavy to go.  Typically, if someone decides to get married in Udaipur or Jodhpur, they are going to want to do more colours that are going to be reflective of Rajasthan versus someone who gets married on the beach, and will opt logically to be in lighter, fresher, aquatic sunset colours and appropriate fabrics.  As younger girls become more independent of decisions made by elders in their family, their sartorial choices are now reflective of themselves, and influenced by their peer groups, advertising or perhaps even Bollywood.22789049_1597302790329589_1068828307883405020_nHow can the millennial bride preserve her heritage while still embracing contemporary flair?

Get over Jodha Akbar. Be yourself, be cool. Inspire yourself and thereby inspire others. Wear clothes that float and not bog you down. Wear things that you can team up and use again. Do not dress to out dress. Dress to caress yourself. Veils should be light and float, like water coloured clouds on the head, covering everything yet hiding nothing. Enhance yourself, not drown.20292944_1506222259437643_6131424494237568687_nWhat would go-to bridal looks for functions like mehnedi, sangeet, pheras and reception be according to you?

When it comes to outfits for their sangeet or mehendi, they are should be open to experimenting with the silhouette. Brides can  even wear gowns or fusion silhouettes such as tailored jackets worn over big lehengas or drapes. When it comes to the wedding lehenga itself,  stick with what is traditional. Obviously this varies from bride-to-bride.23561673_1705918682805908_5471952301465766866_n

What is a mistake brides make when curating their wedding looks?

They think they are playing different roles on each day. Be natural, be yourself.

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